20 July 2021

Global Graphics

Our core technologies enable label and packaging press manufacturers to future-proof their solutions, achieve the productivity and quality output they require and keep their bill of materials under control. All our software is developed by our award-winning in-house teams giving you complete control over your project.

We have a range of solutions specifically designed for your label and packaging press:


Fundamentals is a single source of software essential to a label and packaging solution for a digital press. Fundamentals bundles our Direct products with a composition tool and workflow system from HYBRID Software, resulting in a powerful pipeline that links together seamlessly all the processes in the print production workflow, from job submission through to delivering data directly to the printhead electronics. If you’re printing variable data at speed or want to offer award-winning PDF creation and advanced workflow as standard, you need Fundamentals. 

*NEW* SmartDFE™

SmartDFE is a new digital front end for labels and packaging that is designed to be the heart of a fully automated manufacturing system. It includes smart job creation and management & automation from HYBRID Software, a print controller that connects your printer to the smart factory using OPC UA, RIPping and screening using Harlequin Direct™ and powerful printhead electronics and software from Meteor Inkjet and Xitron.


Direct is a new class of print software that drives print jobs directly to the printer electronics without ever touching a disk. It includes three products: Streamline Direct™ to streamline PDFs; Harlequin Direct™ for RIPping and screening; and ScreenPro Direct™ which gives you everything you need to take continuous images from any RIP and then screen and stream them at maximum physical print speed directly to the head driver electronics.

Harlequin Core

The Harlequin Core converts text and image data from many file formats including PDF, TIFF™ or JPEG, into a format that a printing device such as an inkjet printhead, toner marking engine or laser plate-setter can understand. Proven in the field, with the Harlequin Core at the heart of your digital front end you can keep presses running at rated speed, even on the most complex jobs, without incurring high costs.

ScreenPro Core

ScreenPro™ is Global Graphics Software’s award-winning screening engine that converts continuous tone image data into ready-to-print halftone screened data in real time. It’s designed to enable you to maximize the performance of your digital printer and get to market quicker. ScreenPro is fully compatible with your existing workflow and complements any RIP.

Mako Core

The print software engineer's Swiss Army knife, Mako™ has many ‘blades’, each one matching a job that you need to get done. Using its unique document object model, Mako’s C++ and C# APIs offer control over color, fonts, text, images, vector content, metadata and more, combining precision with performance.


Find out more about our solutions for labels and packaging presses:
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